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Wednesday, May. 22, 2002

Topica, PayPal Launch Payment Service for Newsletters
[May 22, 2002 - 4:00pm CST] Email newsletter publishers who are Topica clients will be able to incorporate PayPal's "Buy It" service into their newsletters in order to permit readers to buy products or services without having to go to a Web site under a new joint promotion announced Tuesday.

CMGI Proposes Engage Buyout
[May 21, 2002 - 1:00pm CST] Internet investor CMGI announced today its Board of Directors has approved a proposal to acquire all of the outstanding publicly held shares of Engage, Inc.

Senate Panel OKs Anti-Spam Bill; Floor Vote Next
[May 20, 2002 - 10:00am CST] The Senate Commerce Committee voted unanimously Friday to send to the Senate a bill giving the Federal Trade Commission authority to fine spammers up to $10 per email.

L90 Reports $52.6 Million Net Loss for Fiscal 2001
[May 17, 2002 - 2:00pm CST] Although direct and online marketer L90 reported it closed its 2001 operating year with a net loss of $52.6 million on revenue of $27.6 million, CEO Mitchell Cannold said the firm's "finances are strong," with $50 million cash on hand.

MAPS Legal Staff Resigns
[May 16, 2002 - 10:00am CST] The two staff attorneys for spam-fighter MailAbuse Prevention Systems LLC have resigned, without explaining why in public.

Email Success Links Frequency (Less) and Relevance (More)
[May 15, 2002 - 1:00pm CST] Getting permission to send commercial email isn't enough to get your emails opened, according to a new study of email recipients by Denver-based email-marketing consultant Quris.

Terra Lycos Launches Paid Email Service
[May 14, 2002 - 1:00pm CST] Terra Lycos (NASDAQ: TRLY) said today it will launch Lycos Mail Plus, a new ad-free email service with expanded storage capacity for an annual fee of $19.95.

Dynamic Logic Launches Email Research Tool
[May 13, 2002 - 11:00am CST] Marketing research company Dynamic Logic today announced the introduction of AdIndex Email, a research tool email advertisers can use to measure email-marketing campaign effects on consumer perceptions of their brands.

INT Media Reports Revenue, Net Loss Down for Q1 2002
[May 10, 2002 - 1:00pm CST] INT Media Inc. reported this week that first-quarter revenue was $8.7 million, down from $12 million the same quarter of 2001.

Anti-Spam Tactics: Remove 'Spam' Addresses; Clean List Often
[May 9, 2002 - 11:00am CST] To avoid being blacklisted by ISPs or anti-spam organizations, panelists at the conference here suggested deleting any email address with 'spam' in it and cleaning lists often.

ExactTarget Launches FranchiseConnect E-marketing Service
[May 8, 2002 - 2:00pm CST] Email-marketing software designer ExactTarget said today it has launched FranchiseConnect, a Web-based software program designed to help franchise systems connect with their local franchisees using email marketing.


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